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I just received a letter from the Residuals department of my union, SAG-AFTRA. An episode of CSI in which I appeared in 2004 was broadcast in Europe or Asia or Africa or somewhere and in this envelope was a residual check for Foreign Use.

The check’s total? $6.58

After taxes, my cut was $4.88.


Is that another cup of coffee? Sure.

Do they all add up? Yes.

Can I spare 4 bucks? Definitely.

The next time you get a $4.00 check you weren’t expecting for a job you did four presidential elections ago, why not take a moment and turn that into a contribution to ActorsPAC so we can work to elect members of local, state and federal governments to stand with us and protect the unions who fight for us to be fairly compensated for the work we do.

Whether it’s four dollars, four hundred dollars, four thousand or more.

Unions protect our earnings. No matter the size.

Donate to ActorsPAC now.

Thanks for your support.



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