Ohio vs Kentucky: A battle for the bottom?

As reported in Cincinnati.com, it is often suggested that RTW (Right-to-Work) laws are a primary culprit in the weakening of unions. We at ActorsPAC agree. When a union, representing a unit of workers, is forced to bargain for those who are not willing to support that union through dues the puts undue strain on the union.

There is also an emotional component, one that creates a hostile environment between workers. Why should one group pay for services when another group not only gets those services with no financial sacrifice AND are allowed to work jobs that are not covered by a union? “How come they get to but I don’t?” becomes the mind-set instead of “We must convince them to join with us so we can all work together!” The latter IS the mind-set of most union workers. But the former chips away at that resolve.

Now comes the Kentucky decision. Sister state Ohio’s Governor, Republican John Kasich has expressed that there is “no need” for RTW laws. We would agree. But in light of Ohio Chamber of Commerce official Don Boyd’s blog post that now his state is closer to being on a “non-right-to-work island.” we at ActorsPAC see the possibility or, rather, probability, that as goes Kentucky, so may go Ohio.

Employers dislike unions. RTW states have been shown to have lower employee wages than strong union states. Now Ohio is pitted against Kentucky for many of the same workers. If an employer makes its decision to move it’s hiring center to the lower wage paying RTW state what would the union-strong state do? The first inclination is almost always to try to compete. If Ohio decides to compete with Kentucky by falling in step with Right-to-Work laws and RTW states pay less…well…there is a phrase for that.

It’s called a Race to the Bottom.

Stand with workers. Stand with Unions. Stand with ActorsPAC.

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