Right To Work (for less) or what are we fighting against?

It sounds terrific. Everyone has a “right” to work, no? A right to get a job, earn a living, pay for their rent, mortgage, food, clothing, car, etc. It’s more than the necessities of life, too. We all have a right to the “pursuit of happiness” and that includes more than just survival.
From a branding standpoint the “Right to Work” sounds fantastic.
Until you look a little deeper and you see that this is another brilliant tactic on the part of those who are bent on destroying unions and, subsequently, the middle class.

ActorsPAC is dedicated to fighting against Right-To-Work legislation and the way we are doing that is with your help.
Actors are workers. We are a collective bargaining unit. To many it almost seems crazy to equate what actors do with plumbers, electricians, teachers, truckers, etc. But, when you get down to it, it isn’t much different at all.
The work is, yes. But, all work varies, all jobs are different. Like so many Americans we are workers who are engaged in a contract with management. Management employs our services to better their product, sell their product, act in their product and we negotiate to be fairly compensated. It’s the word “fairly” that is the nexus of the wages and working conditions negotiations. And now we and every other union worker is about to come under attack.

Ex-Labor Secretary Robert Reich has an exceptional video about Right-To-Work and we have embedded it below. Please take 4 minutes and watch. Then donate to help us elect politicians who will stand with unions and fight back Right-to-Work (for less) legislation.

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